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I have seen Korean and Chinese Buddhist monks and nuns with burn scars, 
three as maximum. The former on his forearm and the latter on her forehead
behind the hairline. When asked the monk said it these scars (don't believe
they were cigarette burns) said he acquired them one at a time as a mark of
his progress in his vocation.
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>From: HOLLEE MCGINNIS <holleem at usa.net>
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>Subject: "love" scars ("dragon kisses")
>Date: Mon, Nov 6, 2000, 7:59 AM

> Does anyone know about "dragon kisses?" These are scars that can resemble
> cigarette burns--believed to be "marks of love" to let the children know they
> have a spiritual connection to their ancestors. A friend of mine who adopted a
> child from China read about this (her daughter has such a scar on her heel)
> and I realized that I actually have such a scar (I was adopted from Korea at
> the age of three) on the top of my right hand.
> Thanks to anyone who might be able to shed more light on this practice.
> You can email me at holleem at usa.net
> Hollee

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