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Dr. Eckart Dege dege at geographie.uni-kiel.de
Wed Nov 1 04:47:40 EST 2000

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Dear list,

In an effort to update the mailing list of AKSE (Association for Korean
Studies in Europe) we need your help to find the current postal
addresses of the following fellow Koreanists:

Prof. Wolfgang Arlt (Germany)
Olivier Bernard (USA)
Remco Erik Breuker (The Netherlands)
Cho Sung-ok (President, Inha University, ROK)
Prof. Cho Young Yoll (National History Compilation Committee)
Dr. Ivana Gruberova (West Malaysia)
Prof. Kang Woo-Chul (Korea Research Foundation, ROK)
Prof. Kim Hakjoon (ROK)
Korean-American Educational Commission (ROK)
Dr. Hesung Chun Koh (USA)
Dr. R. Krempien (Germany)
Dr. Heike Lee (Germany)
Lee Wan-bom (National History Compilation Committee, ROK)
Dr. Kathleen McCarthy (USA)
Prof. Dr. Koo Bom Mo (Academy of Korean Studies, ROK)
Prof Moon Dook Jae (ROK)
Ms. Lietta Marucco (Italy)
Ms. Nicola Reck (Germany)
Ms. Catherine Scott (England)
Mr. Shin Jong-Hwa (France)
Miss Katarzyna Stefanska (ROK)

If you know the current mailing address of any of the inuviduals listed
above I would be grateful if you could mail it directly to me at
dege at geographie.uni-kiel.de.

Eckart Dege
Treasurer of AKSE

Prof. Dr. Eckart Dege
Geographisches Institut
Universitaet Kiel
D-24098 Kiel
Tel. (office) +49 431 880-2941
Tel. (home)   +49 4342 889695
Fax  (office) +49 431 880-4658
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