[KS] Re: "love" scars ("dragon kisses")

Mon Nov 6 15:00:44 EST 2000

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I never knew what they were called. I have two on my upper thigh. I
thought they were cigarette burns to combat polio or other illnesses. My
sister (non-biological but also KAD) has one on her arm.

>>> HOLLEE MCGINNIS <holleem at usa.net> 04/11/80 12:04PM >>>
Anyone know about "dragon kisses?" These are scars that can resemble   
cigarette burns--believed to be "marks of love" to let the children know
have a spiritual connection to their ancestors. The marks are made with
acupuncture needles or a lighted planet used in Chinese medicine. A
woman who
adopted a child from China read about this practice (an ancient custom)?
in a
book. Her daughter has such a scar on her heel--about the size of a
dime. I
realized I have one on my right hand (I always wondered where it came
Does anyone else have one of these kinds of scars? Does anyone know
more about this practice? Just curious. Hollee

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