[KS] Military Culture under Park Chung Hee

Luc Walhain lucwalhain at hanmail.net
Mon Apr 30 07:44:57 EDT 2001

Dear all,

I am currently searching for primary and secondary sources on the
militarisation of the schooling system and students in Korea in the early

I would be grateful if any of you could recommend readings in both English and
Korean on Park Chung Hee's policies related to the above topic and/or on the
military culture in schools during the 1970s and after. 

It would be also very helpful if you could let me know about libraries or
research centres (I am currently in Seoul) where I could find such

Many thanks,

Luc Walhain
Korea Foundation Research Fellow
lucwalhain at hanmail.net

Ph.D. Candidate
Bowling Green State University
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