[KS] Calls: Language, Text and Culture 2002

Junghee Genevieve Chang gchang at tpg.com.au
Sat Aug 25 06:09:59 EDT 2001


The 3rd Language, Text and Culture Workshop: 'Translating Worlds'

February 4-5, 2002
The School of European, Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Studies,
The University of Sydney, Australia

This workshop focuses on translation as a means of exchanging and representing
meanings across and within cultures. Contemporary globalization has made
translation a daily "automatised" practice mediating all forms of verbal,
and bodily communication: we are all texts to be translated in the public
of postmodernity.

Translation as boundary-crossing and as a place of mutual convergence
the most crucial aspect of translingual identities of our era. It is both
transcription into another language and inscription into another culture.
However, does it simply translate meanings or does it generate new meanings?
This workshop will attempt to answer some of the questions surrounding
translation from an interdisciplinary perspective: linguistics, semiotics,
cultural studies, philosophy, gender studies, postcolonialism etc. We want to
stress the various factors influencing the translating process, practical
problems of translation, and the analysis of issues pertaining to the
effectiveness of major texts of world literature when translated into other

Form of presentations will be either interactive-workshop or lectures.  Each
workshop will be of 50 minutes and each presentation 40 –with 10 minutes for
discussion in both cases.

Deadline for submissions is 30th October, 2001 and notification of acceptance
will be sent out as soon as possible after that date.
Please send your abstracts of a maximum of 500 words, to include name, title
institution by:
E-mail: gchang at tpg.com.au

If you have any queries, please contact Dr. Alice Caffarel on 9351 3378 or at
the following e-mail address: alice.caffarel at french.usyd.edu.au

Organizing committee: Keizo Nanri, William Armour, Alice Caffarel, Junghee
Chang, Keith Foulcher, Nerida Jarkey, Vrasidas Karalis, Ingrid Piller, Judith

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