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Quoting Thomas Duverney:

> > It is my understanding that the historical record is not at all clear on
> > the question of Japanese control of Kaya, or Minama. I don't think it is
> > even known where Minama was. Aren't there some scholars who think Minama
> > might have been located in Kyushu? It is also a little difficult to
> > identify a "Japan" that would have lost any territory at that time. That
> which
> > we call Japan is a relatively new phenomenon. I have heard it said that
> > the tale of a lost Japanese province in Korea was a fiction of Japanese
> > expansionists in the early and middle Meiji period.
> >
> Mimana (or 'Imna Ilbonbu' in Korean) was located in the very southern part
> of the peninusula.  The Japanese, in their rewriting of history, claimed
> territory that roughly covered the expanse of Kaya.  A few years ago, I
> a newsgroup tif with a Japanist who was thoroughly convinced that the
> Japanese version was 100% true (do a usenet search and you'll probably
> them).
> A couple of web sources are:
> http://prome.snu.ac.kr/~wthong/bookreview/1.html
> http://prome.snu.ac.kr/~wthong/paekche/paekch_e.html

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