[KS] Rushing to Sunshine (Seoul Diaries)

Stephen Epstein Stephen.Epstein at vuw.ac.nz
Thu Mar 29 04:26:01 EST 2001

List members might be interested in knowing about Solrun Hooas' recently
completed documentary from South Korea "Rushing to Sunshine" which is a
follow-up on her previous "Pyongyang Diaries" on North Korea.  More
information on the two films can be found on www.roninfilms.com.au and in
the archives of an online documentary magazine, www.documenter.com.  I've
also seen a fuller synopsis of the film and it looks very intriguing, I
must say.  Both films are available from www.roninfilms.com.au, except the
US where First Run Icarus Films handles the video sales for "Pyongyang

RUSHING TO SUNSHINE  (Seoul Diaries)      
73 mins. Documentary.     VHS
Korean/English dialogue. English subtitles       
Synopsis: South Korea's "Sunshine Policy" under President Kim Dae-Jung's
presidency has opened up unprecedented business and cultural contact with
the communist North.  From March l998 to October 2000 the film follows this
process and its many paradoxes, such as the anachronistic National Security
Law, which prohibits "praising and encouraging" North Korea, still defined
as "an enemy country". Yet South Koreans flock  there on tourist cruises.
The cases against Prof. Lee Jang-Ho and a children's book on reunification
and also artist Shin Hak-Chul are among the paradoxes.  The film gives
voice to hopes and aspirations for reunification, as well as anxiety and
resistance in a range of people in the South, and reveals  changes in
attitudes in post-summit Korea.
Made with the assistance of  Cinemedia, Asialink, Australia-Korea
Foundation, Korean Culture and Arts Foundation
Produced, Directed,  Written and  and Narrated by        Solrun Hoaas

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