[KS] FW: Children of Divorce in Korea

Horace H. Underwood hhu at fulbright.or.kr
Mon Oct 29 00:35:49 EST 2001

Dear Colleagues:

Fulbright has about 50 young American college graduates teaching in Korean
middle and high schools and often doing general research projects on Korea.
One of them, David Golden, asked me the question below, to which I did not
know the answer.  Can anybody tell me where to look?

Horace H. Underwood
Fulbright Korea

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From: David Golden [mailto:DavidGolden at fulbrightweb.org]
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Subject: Children of Divorce in Korea

Dr. Underwood,

I remember when we visited the orphange during orientation, we were told
that many of the children in the orphanage were children of a first marriage
who are not wanted in the house of the second marriage.  I was wondering if
you had any suggestions as to where I could look for more information on
that situation in Korea and, of more immediate interest, statistics.

I was raised by a single mother and I have already had some surprising
experiences here regarding that.  I have been working on a piece that
reflects on my situation growing up from the perspective of being here.  It
would be very helpful to find a good source of national or even regional
information.  I realize finding English-language (or Spanish or French)
research may not be easy, but if anything or anyone immediately comes to
mind, please let me know.



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