[KS] Re: KSR 2001-16: _An Introduction to Classical Korean Literature_

David McCann dmccann at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Sep 3 00:27:43 EDT 2001

The reviewer seems to be hyperventilating about Kichung Kim's comments on
the continued flourishing of the sijo in Korea.  "Nothing could be further
from the truth"?  People remember and recite the classic ones, and tons
(pounds?) of poets practice the form.  How far from the truth is that?  Was
it greatly different in the past?

The point the book's author was trying to make was about the fondness that
he and a bunch of other poeple feel and have felt for the sijo as a Korean
language verse form.  He might have overstated or overgeneralized that
feeling.  But did he say that gazillions of Koreans are writing them?

The point the reviewer was trying to make was???  'geriatric cult
following'? Is he calling Kichung Kim an old man because he seems so fond
of sijo?  Or me, because I am?  Or those who write them, or remember them,
or teach them; or think the sijo as a form of communication may well
outlast the handphone?

David McCann

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