[KS] Big Kut In LA

Peter Mauro Schroepfer schroepfer at oranckay.net
Fri Apr 26 01:29:03 EDT 2002

It has been known for years that Los Angeles is a city in dire need of a
kut, and it's finally going to get one this Sunday. If you've never seen a
shaman walk on knives, balance a pig on a pitchfork, or perform other
amazing feats, this is your chance if you're going to be anywhere in the

Shaman and Korean Living National Treasure Kim Kûmhwa will be performing a
kut on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Los Angeles riots this
coming Sunday April 28 in Lafayette Park (Los Angeles) at 2pm, for peace and
reconciliation and for the spirits of those who died in that most horrific
event. The afternoon will start with music by Nigerian drummers and promises
to be a special time led by a true master shaman. Five other shamans
(including one paksu) and four musicians will also take part.

Additional information can be found at http://www.oranckay.net/mansin/. Any
further questions should be directed to me (Peter Schroepfer) at
schroepfer at oranckay.net or Lauren Deutsch at 323-828-2684.

I'm going to be the sahoeja. Please point yourself out to me if I don't
recognize any of you on the Korean Studies list that I should.

Peter Schroepfer.

(The above mentioned exorcism has been made possible thanks to the generous
assistance of South Baylo University, the Korean Ministry of Culture and
Tourism, and the Korean Cultural Center of Los Angeles.)

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