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Horace H. Underwood hhu at fulbright.or.kr
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for Robert Armstrong

I forwarded your inquiry to my father, H. G. Underwood, who replied below.

Horace H. Underwood, Fulbright Korea

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There are numerous books of old pictures of Korea. I cannot remember titles.
There is at least one set of the British occupation of "Port Hamilton"
(Komundo) that may have other Korea British scenes.  I suggest getting in
touch with Eileen Moffett, who has a fabulous collection of old photos.
Eileen's  e-mail address is:    emoffett at worldnet.att.net.

Horace G. Underwood

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> Can any of the members of the circle suggest where I might find the
> of Rev. Baldack, Arthur B. Turner, Hallifax, Hutchinson, and the British
> Consulate's Constable Wyer from the 1890s?
> I have tried Myoungji's library but could not find a book with their
> pictures in them.  I thought of Bishop Trollope's book (for a picture of
> Turner - they were classmates) but could not find it there.
> Robert

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