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Dear Listmembers,                                                             
 2 August 2002

I am passing on, at her request, an approach from a BBC radio
producer. What they are seeking is explained in her own words below.

Anyone with ideas for suitable interviewees is asked to make
contact directly: Louise.Byrne at bbc.co.uk

(To clarify: Persons residing outside Korea, e.g. in the US, are by no
means ruled out, as telephone interviews are also possible.)

Many thanks
Aidan FC

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BBC Radio 4 is producing a history series on E. Asia. In one of the four 
programmes we will be taking an historical look at 20th century Japanese 
colonisation of Korea and the effect it has had on the country from a social, 

political, economic and cultural point of view. 

We have a pretty good idea of the kind of areas we want to cover, but it 
would be extremely useful to know if you have any recommendations in terms of 

interviewees. The series' producer and presenter will be travelling to Seoul 
in late September and ideally would like most of their interviewees to be 
Korean, but that may not be possible.

The kind of people we are looking for include:
- a not-too-dry English-speaking historian who can tell the story of 
colonisation and perhaps talk about its legacy today.
- a social scientist who can talk about the latter from a social, cultural, 
political and economic point of view.
- Any Koreans who have firsthand experience or family memories of Japanese 
colonisation before and during the war.
- somebody who can talk about the negotiations which went on before the World 

Cup and what efforts are now being made to capitalise on the 'successful' 

... it would be extremely useful to hear from anyone who knows Koreans 
who have firsthand experience or family memories of the Japanese. 
And we wouldn't obviously expect English speakers....

Do you, by chance know where to find Richard Kim who wrote 'Lost Names'?

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