[KS] Powerful website blocking spam

Joshua Margolis josh at joshuamargolis.com
Thu Aug 22 05:08:56 EDT 2002

I think it's wonderful that they're dealing with this problem in such a
manner. However, the no spam Web site (http://www.nospam.go.kr/) currently
requires registrants to input a valid resident registration number
(주민등록번호) and Korean address to register for the service. This is
obviously a problem for those of us who aren't Korean residents (and even
some who are since foreigners' registration numbers are different). Perhaps
we could try writing and asking them to make some accomodation in the system
design for such people. They list the following contact address on their
site: fairpen at nospam.go.kr.


> Once individual users register with the anti-spam Web site, offering their
> telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, all the spam mail messages will be
> blocked from reaching the mail accounts in question.

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