[KS] re: Park Yong-hyo

Tony Laszlo laszlo at gol.com
Wed Feb 20 08:31:18 EST 2002

Many thanks to Leonid for his kind response. 

> "charyok kaengsaeng". The latter term was also used in Japan in
> the mid 1930s - under the Saito government - referring to
> "self-assistance in resuscitation" <italic>(jiriki kyosei</italic>* in
> Japanese).

I hesitate to comment on this topic, but suspect that this 
might be "kaisei" or "kousei" rather than "kyosei," probably 
the latter considering the "kaeng" pronounciation noted 
above. Here are the characters (utf-8):
自力回生 (kaisei)
自力更正 (kousei)

Tony Laszlo, Tokyo

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