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J.Scott Burgeson jsburgeson at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 28 20:42:57 EST 2002

   I thought that even the new K gov't's romanization
scheme allowed for some flexibility in the case of
romanizing proper names and respecting individual
preferences, such as Kim (not Gim) and so on...
   As for the rest of the world adopting the new
gov't's system, when the Korean gov't can practice
what it preaches and accurately convert English (and
other foreign) words like "coffee" (not k'o-p'i) or
"sports" (not "su-po-ch'u") into Han'gul, then we
should all fall in line and do whatever they want. But
until then, I remain, most ambivalently,
   --"Su-kot" "Bu-gu" 
   (That's 4 syllables in Korean, not 2, in case
you're confused about what the "right" pronunciation

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