[KS] Statistics on live births in Korea 1953-2001

Pete Morriss pete.morriss at nuigalway.ie
Thu Jul 4 20:54:41 EDT 2002

Dear Tobias (and others),
        You will find some of what you want on the Korea National
Statistical Office website (www.nso.go.kr), which I think is very useful:
they give births by year from 1970 (go to "population" and then "vital
statistics").  They also have a variety of population figures going back
further, and you might be able to work out the number of births by doing
some detective work on the figures they do give (for instance, they give
the "crude birth rate" back to 1963 under the heading "population increase
        All the best,
                Pete Morriss

Pete Morriss
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>>I am looking for the exact number of births in Korea from 1953-2001
>>to be able to compare statistics of overseas adoption as there are
>>rumours that Korea some years sent away more than 1% of their annual
>>live births (see http://www.chomihee.com/adopteeAr_02.html), if
>>true, something which must be considered truly amazing. Could
>>someone please help me to find that information?
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