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Tim Schrock tim.schrock at gmx.net
Thu Jul 4 08:35:49 EDT 2002

Dear Readers,

in April 2002 an online project for German learners of the Korean language
was established at the University of Regensburg. It originated from the idea
of offering supplements to the introductory book "Koreanisch für Anfänger"
by Dr. Youngja Beckers-Kim.

The website is open to public and focuses on three main targets:
* offer easy-to-understand introduction to Korean grammar
* a flexible way to improve language skills through dialogues and phrases
* introduction on how to use Korean writing on western computers

Further opportunities, i.e. advanced printing options, exercises and sound
support are scheduled to be online early autumn.

Due to the fact that the project is maintained by two students in their
leisure time the site advances only in small steps. In May the very popular
Bavarian radio station "Radio Bayern3" has already presented the project as
website of the week.

At the time being you can access the website by one of the following URLs:
	www.hannara.de => Click to "hangul" or

We gladly welcome any comments and/or suggestions ^^

Best regards,

Tim Schrock

[University of Regensburg
 Student of Political Sciences,
 Sociology and Korean Language]

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