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Dear Listmembers: 

 The latest issue of Acta Koreana, Vol. 5, No. 2, July 2002 (ISSN 1520-
7412, pp. 160), has just been published by Academia Koreana of Keimyung
University. It contains the following  articles, translation, review
article, and book reviews. 

- JAMES HUNTLEY GRAYSON, Three Structural Patterns of Korean Foundation
- TIMOTHY S. LEE, Two Aspects of an Evangelical Quest to Christianize
Korea: Mammoth Crusades and Sectarian Incivility
- MICHAEL J, PETTID, Entertainment and Empowerment: The Shamanic Tradition
of Humor in Korean Literature
- JONG SUN RYU, Catholicism and the Problem of Authority in Late Choson

- STEPHEN EPSTEIN, Second Encounter by Han Ung-bin

ROSS KING, The Korean Language. By Ho-Min Sohn

- MICHAEL FINCH, Colonial Modernity in Korea. Edited by Gi-Wook Shin and
Michael Robinson
- YOUNG-CHAN RO, Syncretism: The Religious Context of Christian Beginnings
in Korea. By David Chung
- JOE JUNGNO REE, The Korean Language. By Iksop Lee and S, Robert Ramsey
- MARTIN T. BALE, State Formation in Korea: Historical and Archaeological
Perspectives. By Gina L. Barnes
- LOTHAR VON FALKENHAUSEN, The Genesis of East Asia: 221 B.C.-A.D. 907. By
Charles Holcombe
- HYANGJIN LEE, Punk Rock in Korea. Film. Co-produced by Stephen Epstein
and Tim Tangherlini

- MARTINA DEUCHLER, In Memory of Edward Willett Wagner

For the information on ordering this issue, please contact the Academia
Koreana office at acta at kmu.ac.kr. Manuscripts for consideration for
publication in the upcoming issues may be submitted at any time during the
year. For more detailed information regarding submission of manuscripts,
please contact the editor at tskim at kmu.ac.kr. 
Acta Koreana

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