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1954John Duggan j_m_duggan at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 4 06:15:24 EST 2002

Regarding the M-R, I have one question for the group.  Is there a preferred 
sequence of indexing?  And can I get Microsoft Word to comply with that?  It 
seems wrong that, for example Kim Ch'aek should precede Kim Ch'ae-nan, while 
Kim Cha-rin follows Kim Chang-son, or Kim Kwan-son follows Kim Kwang-yong.  
Does anyone know of a trick with the hyphens (or the indexing options) to 
get things to flow the right way?  As it is, this seriously detracts from 
the usability of the index (about 40 pages of Korean names).  I have a 
hangul index, but I am sure somebody has dealt with the M-R issue before.


John Duggan

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