[KS] First Call for Papers (AKSE)

antonetta.bruno@uniroma.it antonetta.bruno at uniroma1.it
Mon Mar 11 03:25:45 EST 2002



The 2003 Conference of the Association for Korean Studies in Europe will be
organized in cooperation with University La Sapienza in Rome and held in
Frascati, 9-13 April 2003, with the support of the Municipality of Frascati.

Those who wish to present a paper at the conference should send a summary of
approximately 1000 words (in English, Korean, French or German), plus a
bibliography, before 1 September 2002, to the Secretary of AKSE, Dr.
Antonetta Bruno, preferably as a Word e-mail attachment
(Antonetta.Bruno at uniroma1.it).

Please use the following format for your summary:

Times New Roman font, with interlinear space 1.5, in 12-point type, with 2.5
cm margins.

You may also send the summary by mail to the following address:

Prof. Antonetta L. Bruno

Università "la Sapienza"

Facoltà degli Studi Orientali

Piazzale Aldo Moro 5

I-00185 Roma


Please indicate in which of the following sections the paper would fit:
pre-modern history, modern history, modern Korean society, religions and
philosophy, linguistics, anthropology and folklore, literature, or arts and

Those who have sent in a proposal will be notified by 1 November 2002
whether it has been accepted. If a paper is accepted the full text should be
sent to the Secretary before 15 January 2003.

If you do not propose to read a paper but nevertheless want to take part in
the conference, please announce your intention to participate by e-mail or
normal mail (addresses as above).

We ask all participants, whether they present a paper or not, to indicate
whether they would be willing to share a room or would prefer to have a
single room (at extra expense).

The Second Notice will only be sent to those who have responded to this
First Notice.

Further information on the conference will be supplied in due time on the
AKSE Homepage (http://www.akse.uni-kiel.de/).

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