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Dear professor Junghee Lee:

If you have Lee Ki-baik's "A New History of Koea," see pp.176-178.
According to the book, and as far as I know, "Pyongyang kamsa" is the governor of Pyongan province.
He would be called "pyongYANG kamsa", because his office was there.
As his term was no more than one year, he was kind of an inspector from Seoul.
Consequently, he must have enjoyed very much in Pyongyang, where is well known for "Saekhyang" or "town of entertainers."
James Palais's "Confucian Statecraft and ..." would be helpful as well; see chapter 18, pp. 673-704.

With best wishes,
Young-Jun Lee

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> Hi,
> I am looking at the screen of "Pyongyang kamsa banquet on the Taedong
> river."
> I would like to know what is "Pyongyang kamsa."  Was he the major of the
> city of Pyongyang or the governor of Pyongan province?  If he was the
> governor of Pyongan province, why was he called Pyongyang kamsa?
> His banquet is a topic of many screen depicting the map of pyongyang, he
> must have been a powerful figure, higher than major.
> Sincerely yours,
> Junghee Lee

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