[KS] Fwd: Conference on Digital Cultural Heritage by Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative

Henny Savenije adam_eve at henny-savenije.pe.kr
Tue May 14 11:04:00 EDT 2002

>Seoul National University Department of Philosophy is hosting a conference 
>on "Global Networking of Digital Cultural Heritage" May 22-24.   Scholars 
>from around the world, working in a Digital Environment on such varied 
>issues as trade on the Silk Road, Buddhist heritage, Chinese art, and 
>Korean culture, will assemble to demonstrate their research and discuss
>>development of the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative infrastructure 
>>for interoperable digital
>>resources.  The meeting is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and
>>Tourism. A description of the conference can be found at:
>><http://ecai.org/activities/Korea0502.html> or from the ECAI website,
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