[KS] North Korea and the war

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As far as loss of life is concerned, Kathryn Weathersby found specific 
numbers in a Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs document, the results of 
which can be found on the Cold War International History Project website at 
cwihp.si.edu under press releases from 1 August 2001. Hope this helps.

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>Subject: [KS] North Korea and the war
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>I am looking for accurate statistics on how the Korean war affected North 
>Korea in terms of losses of life and especially estimated numbers of 
>orphaned or abandoned children during and after the war. I am also, as 
>written before, still looking for references on how North Korea dealt with 
>the problem of these children in opposition to South Korea´s overseas 
>adoption program, and general post-war material on adoption and North 
>Korea. Adoption is taking place domestically in North Korea and has a part 
>in the family law of the country.
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