[KS] Spam from Korea

Robert Provine provine at umd.edu
Tue May 28 12:48:47 EDT 2002

Dear list:

Speaking as a moderator, I'm not happy about the current thread on spam from
Korea, as it really isn't "Korean Studies" by most definitions.  Nevertheless,
it is a matter that has become a major irritant for many of us, and I thought
I would contribute a small note and then pretty much shut off the discussion
unless it becomes a sociological or other academic discussion related to

Here at the University of Maryland, most people I know, nearly all of whom
have nothing whatsoever to do with Korea or Korean studies or this list, have
great numbers of daily spam emails from Korea.  I suggest therefore that this
has nothing whatever to do with the address database of this discussion list,
nor of Frank Hoffmann's list of Koreanists on his web site.

A fair amount of spam comes addressed to the discussion list, by the way, and
we dispense with it, so that subscribers never have to put up with it.

Best wishes for the summer -

Rob Provine

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