[KS] re: Korea studies in Japan

Kenneth R. Robinson robinson at icu.ac.jp
Thu Nov 7 06:04:52 EST 2002

Dear Colleagues,

The November meeting of the Chosenshi kenkyukai will be held Saturday, 
November 16, from 1:30 pm.  This month's presentations, to be offered in 
Japanese, are as follows.

Research Presentation:
Yu Mina.  "An Examination of KyOnghagwOn Policy in Colonial ChosOn: Its 
Relationship with the Power of Local Yangban and Confucian Students"

Book Review:
Hayashi Yuusuke.  "KUndae Ilbon Ui ChosOn ch'imnyak kwa AshiajuUi," by Kang 
Ch'angil (Seoul: YOksa pip'yOngsa, 2002).

The meeting will be held in Room 206 at Senshuu University's Kanda campus, 
from 1:30 pm.  The campus is located near the Kudanshita and Jinbochou 
stations.  For further information, please contact Ken Robinson

Ken Robinson

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