[KS] Divided Families in Korea

james foley jimfoley5 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 11 15:56:26 EST 2002

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
                            I would like to announce to the list the 
publication of my book: 'Korea's divided Families: fifty years of 
separation' on the divided families problem in Korea. As I am sure you are 
aware, the book is only the second work in English to have been published on 
this subject, the first was Kim Choong-soon's excellent 'Faithful Endurance' 
which appeared in 1988.
The book is based largely on a survey and interviews conducted among first 
generation divided family members in 1997 (for my PhD research), and with 
interviews, conducted in summer 2001, of divided family members who were 
fortunate enough to be briefly re-united with their relatives through the 
reunion programme which followed the June 15 2000 Pyongyang Summit.
I hope that the work will go some way towards filling the gap in our 
knowledge of this much under-researched yet vital aspect of Korea's divide 
and eventual reunification.

Foley, James A., 'Korea's divided Families: fifty years of separation', 
London: RoutledgeCurzon, 2002. 288 pp

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