[KS] Workshop/study day on Kaesong

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Mon Nov 18 18:56:43 EST 2002

My first mailing does not seem to have come through, so I'll try again [SV]:

Dear list members:

I am planning to set up a one-day workshop on Kaesong. Although it acted as the capital of Korea for nearly five centuries, unlike Seoul and Kyongju, no memories of Kaesong as an important political and cultural capital seem to have survived. The aim of this workshop would be to reassess our knowledge of the city and explore ways of expanding our perception of it. At this stage I am looking at this project in a broad sense, so anything goes: if anyone is interested in the history, monuments, archaeology, representation etc. of Kaesong – not just in the Koryo – please e-mail me, indicating on what subject you would like to present a paper. At this stage no final date or format has been set, although one possibility is a one-day workshop to be held at Harvard in May 2003. Looking forward to your response,

Sem Vermeersch
e-mail: vermeer at fas.harvard.edu

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