[KS] Old Hangul Fonts

Ruediger Frank rf2101 at columbia.edu
Tue Nov 19 09:57:09 EST 2002

In addition to Yetguelja: My favourite feature of HWP is the Hangeul Romaja 
input method (press ALT+F2), where the Korean characters are positioned 
like on the the standard Western keyboard (with a few exceptions like ng, 
eu etc.); yeo would be entered as y-i-e, yo is y-i-o, Hangeul is 
h-a-n-g-w-r. In case you have neither mastered the Korean standard 
(2-beolsik) input method nor own a Korean keyboard, this is really helpful. 
Korean Winword does not offer this option, so copy-and-paste; the same goes 
for email. I use HWP 96, and it works perfectly with Winword, Eudora and 
sometimes even Internet Explorer.



At 01:05 AM 11/19/02 -0500, you wrote:
>The Hangul 97 program has the old Hangul characters and hundreds of
>combinations, including many  beyond the imagination. 1. Load fresh Hangul
>97 document page; 2. Click on 'Insert"; 2. Click on Character set; 3. Scroll
>to "Korean, including old script.  Note that Hangul 97 can be cut and pasted
>on MS Word, at least with my system.  Good Luck.  S.R.


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