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Sun Oct 27 23:45:39 EST 2002

Dear KS List Subscribers:

Just a brief technical note and reminder.

The Mailman mailing list system will *disable* subscribed e-mail 
addresses automatically if messages fail to be delivered three times 
in a row. This usually happens because e-mail accounts have been 
closed or the owner's mailbox is full. If you think this has happened 
to you (you don't get any mail from the list anymore) you might want 
to check at the admin page at
(look for "subscription options" link near bottom of that page). If 
your mailing address has been disabled you will see this note on the 
upcoming page:
     Note - your list delivery is currently disabled.
You might want to enable your account again.

Please also be reminded that you can subscribe, unsubscribe, and set 
various delivery options via this interface.

Be also advised that there are searchable list archives, going back 
several years, http://koreaweb.ws/ks/, 2/3 down the page.

The list has now over 600 subscribers ... the interest in Korean 
studies, as this indicates, as truly grown quite impressively over 
the past years.

KS list moderators

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