[KS] History's twists: thoughts on kwago ch'ongsan and the MOPE syndrome

Andrei Lankov Andrei.Lankov at bigpond.com
Sun Sep 8 17:02:59 EDT 2002

>  If we self righteously claim that we see history as multiple voices then
why the cant against  some Korean historians that might want to distill
their version into a single mononarrative.....against all reason.  Let them.
AFterall isn't it just another of the many voices and narratives that
history produces.

Yes. But many people in Korea tend to believe that this is the only true
narrative. The use of the term 'kwago ch'ongsan' tesifies to this. This
meant to be the 'clean' historty while other narratives are 'polluted'.

> In my reading of kwago chongsan there is a reasonable meaning of balancing
accounts.....whereby previously repressed voices are recorded on the leger.

The problem is that old heresy does not necessirily behave nicely when it is
promoted to a new orthodoxy.

Andrei Lankov

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