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Stephen Epstein Stephen.Epstein at vuw.ac.nz
Mon Sep 9 22:51:47 EDT 2002

Dear List Members,

The following volumes currently await reviewers for KSR.  Those who are interested should contact me at <stephen.epstein at vuw.ac.nz>.  As always, if others have books they wish to make available for review, please feel free to write me as well.

Han Sung-won, _Father and Son_, tr. by Yu Young-nan & Julie Pickering (Homa & Sekey Books)

Lee Muyoung, _Farmers_, tr. by Yu Young-nan (Homa & Sekey Books)

Kongdan Oh & Ralph Hassig,ed. _Korea Briefing 2000-2001: First Steps Toward Reconciliation and Reunification_ (M.E. Sharpe)

Yi In-Hwa, _Everlasting Empire_, tr. by Yu Young-nan (EastBridge)

For more information about KSR and to access past reviews, see http://koreaweb.ws/ks/ksr/.  Please note that I will be on sabbatical from Nov. 2002-July 2003, and KSR will be on hiatus during that period.  I'd be very grateful if those of you who have reviews for me outstanding can get them in as soon as possible.  If they do not arrive by the end of October, I probably won't be able to get them out on KSR until the second half of 2003.

Also, is anybody on the list in contact with either Jacqueline Pak or Seung-Sook Yim?  I am unable to reach them via the most recent e-addresses I have or any alternatives I have found.  Any information or a forwarded message asking them to get in touch with me ASAP would be well appreciated.                                                                                      

Best, Stephen

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