[KS] Gwageo cheongsan (Kwageon ch'eongsan)

Mark Peterson Mark_Peterson at byu.edu
Wed Sep 11 18:51:21 EDT 2002

David and Kichung, and others.

The term ch'øngsan has to be coincidental, doesn't it?  To the 
discussion that we are having?  Coincidence.  Ch'øngsan also means 
Korea, at least ch'ønggu does, and one common interpretation of the 
sijo is that Jade Green stream is flowing through Korea, not just any 
blue/green hills.

Could she, as a master of puns, thought of ch'øngsan as a double 
meaning for the hills/Korea and setting things straight between her 
and Pyøkkye?  I doubt it.  But maybe.  Fascinating idea.  Maybe not 
just a coincidence.

And thanks for tying the concept of "pausing a while before we hurry 
on" to this somber day today.


>I really liked your ruminations on the Hwang Chini sijo, especially 
>what you said at the end of your comments about pausing and 
>listening again to what the poem might be saying. Your words once 
>again reminds us of what the right posture is whenever we encounter 
>these works.
>Thanks, Kichung

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