[KS] Yun Chi-ho

Namhee Lee namhee at chwe.net
Tue Jan 7 15:10:17 EST 2003

Dear all,
An undergrad student has the following question and I thought
I should enlist the help of other historians out there with more knowledge
about this period.  Would you also kindly suggest any English material (she
does not read Korean yet) that might shed light on this issue?

Thank you.


"I just came across a
question for you in the process of writing that I
can't seem to overcome.  There seems to be two
contradictory points about Yun Chi Ho regarding the
1895 domination of Korea by Japan.  It was during this
time that the Kabo reforms had entered their third
stage and according to Carter Eckert, Yun was an
accomplice to these reforms.  But Hyung-chan Kim, who
has written a brief  biography of Yun, states that his
father was involved in the overthrow of the Japanese
officials and successfully brought the king back from
Russia.  It is mentioned that Yun helped his father in
the process of restoring the monarchical head to his
throne.  Does this imply misinformation, or do you
suppose that both cases may be true and that Yun
actually was involved in the Kabo reforms that he
helped to overthrow?  That seems too contradictrory to
be validated.  And because most of the substantial
material is written in Korea, I cannot seem to find
very reliable sources.  How do you suggest that I
differentiate these conflicting statements of history?"

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