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Fri Jan 10 13:18:41 EST 2003

Dear Listmembers,

Happy New Year!  I am seeking list members's help to answer the following question. This was posted at "Ask an East Asian Librarian" <http://askvrd.org/askeasl/>, a virtual reference desk site maintained by the Council on East Asian Libaries (an affiliated body of the Association for Asian Studies):

"I have heard that the North Koreans drove long metal rods into the ground during the Korean Conflict. The South Koreans had to remove these after the war. The purpose was to disrupt the natural energy flow within the country (most probably a concept based in their religion or ancient teachings). Can you give me any information or suggest a research source on this?" 

Any of you heard this too?  I'd appreciate any info you may have to offer.  Thank you in advance!   

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