[KS] Sino-DPRK border conflict

Balazs Szalontai HPHSZB01 at phd.ceu.hu
Mon Jul 14 15:43:59 EDT 2003

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I just found a Hungarian archival document written in 1969 that stated that the Chinese government had lain claim to certain North Korean border areas, most notably the area of Paektusan, as early as 1956 on the grounds that a substantial Chinese minority lived there. This issue was raised several times in the 1960s. Do you know something about any 1956 Sino-North Korean talks about this problem? Sergei Radchenko told me that in that year the Chinese leadership seems to have made statements that indicated Chinese disagreement with Stalin's decision to resist post-1949 Chinese efforts to annex Outer Mongolia and a desire to re-examine this issue. If this was indeed the case, then it is easier to believe that in 1956 Beijing put some pressure on P'yongyang as well.

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