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Try http://iis-db.stanford.edu/pubs/20125/Shin.pdf

      The Paradox of Korean Globalization
      Asia/Pacific Research Center - A/PARC Working Paper

      Gi-Wook Shin

      Published by
      A/PARC,  January 2003

      This chapter first offers a theoretical framework to explain
coexistence of nationalism and globalization by considering two interrelated
processes: 1) nationalist appropriation of globalization and 2)
intensification of ethnic identity in reaction to globalization process. It
then presents empirical evidence to demonstrate how these processes have
worked in Korean globalization at both official and popular levels.

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  Dear Sir/madam,

  I was wondering whether you could tell me where I can find – most
preferably on the internet and believe me, I checked the world wide web but
of no avail – Shin Gi-Wook’s paper entitled The Paradox of Korean
Globalization? Currently I am writing my MA-thesis (for Korean Studies at
Leiden University) and his paper might be very helpful, particularly since
one of my chapters will deal with the inevitable and inescapable phenomenon
of globalization and its impact on (South) Korean economic and social life.

  I am looking forward to your reply. Thank you very much for your trouble.

  Kindest regards,

  Maarten van Straaten

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