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Eunsu Cho eunsucho at umich.edu
Sun Jun 8 10:40:08 EDT 2003

Dear List members: 

I am in the process of organizing a conference on Korean Buddhist nuns. I'd appreciate it if you could circulate this notice to someone who might be interested in. Eunsu 
Call for Papers:

A conference on Korean Buddhist nuns
in Seoul, Korea

May 20-22, 2004
Sponsored by the HanMaum Seonwon (One Mind Zen Center) 

Scholars interested in presenting a paper on any aspect of Korean Buddhist nuns or more broadly nuns or more broadly on the practice of Buddhism among Korean women are invited to e-mail their name, academic affiliation, and proposed topic (a title and a one -paragraph abstract) to

Eunsu Cho

Department of Asian Languages and Cultures

University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1285

eunsucho at umich.edu

(734) 647-2096 (office telephone); (734) 647-0157 (dept. fax)


Proposals must be received by June 30. You will be informed of our decision by mid-July. 


The life and culture of Korean Buddhist nuns and laywomen deserves serious attention from scholars to overcome the dearth of research on the subject, not only in the Western world, but also in Korea. Serious studies of the history of Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese Buddhist nuns have already been undertaken, leaving the lack of material and scholarship on Korea as a conspicuous lacuna. This conference thus aims to break fresh ground and shine a light on this heretofore neglected area of Korean history in the hopes of bringing attention from those in the broader academic community already focusing on the topic of women and religion. The final goal of this conference is to publish an edited volume from the papers presented. Paper presenters will be provided with airfare, lodging, meals, and a $1,000 honorarium. The conference will be held for two and half days in Seoul. In addition, an optional two-day tour to the south will be arranged for those who are interested in visiting famous Buddhist nunneries. 


Eunsu Cho

University of Michigan
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