[KS] Reading HWP files?

Blazej Bienias bieniasb at go2.pl
Sat Mar 1 09:59:13 EST 2003

Youngjae Lee wrote:

>Does anyone know a good way to read HWP files?  I have a Mac running OS X (but it also can run OS 9), and I also have access to PCs running Windows 98, 2000, or XP.  Thanks in advance.
HWP files are created using editor called Hangul Word Processor.
I have recently succesfully opened them using MS Word 2002. I don't know 
if Word 2000 or even Word 97 can do this, someone might try it.  Most 
important I think is that if you decide to use Windows, it should be 
Windows 2000 or XP as these OSes have CJK support built-in, you can 
easily switch this option on during installation. In Windows 98 you 
might be forced to use some third party software like Unionway to have 
CJK support.
You can also use the Easy Viewer it at 
Easy Viewer is in Korean.
These are for Windows.
There is this page http://www.hansoft.com/ which deals with Korean 
programs for Mac.
Some report StarOffice 6.0/OpenOffice 1.0.1 is able to open HWP files, 
but I haven't mananged myself to achieve this, maybe I will have to try 

Blazej Bienias (Wroclaw, Poland)

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