[KS] Korean Studies List subscribers not receiving messages

Robert Provine provine at umd.edu
Sun Mar 9 21:20:06 EST 2003

Dear Korean Studies discussion list subscriber:

It has recently come to the attention of the list owners that a sizeable 
number of subscribers to the Korean Studies list somehow have been put 
automatically into a "nomail" status, meaning that they receive no messages 
from the list.  Many of these are AOL or Hotmail addresses.  We have no 
explanation for how or why this has happened.

The fact that you're receiving this message means that you are currently on 
the active mailing list.  But if in the future you find that you haven't 
received messages for some time and would like to receive messages from the 
Korean Studies list again, you will need to go to


and carry out the "Edit Options" procedure at the bottom of the page.  Make 
sure that "Disable Mail Delivery" is set to "Off", in order to receive messages.

In keeping with list policy, this technical matter is not to become a topic of 
discussion on the list; if you have questions or comments, please address them 
to the management:  Koreanstudies-admin at koreaweb.ws

Best wishes,

Rob Provine
One of the "owners"

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