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Dear  ICKL members and prospective participants of the 2004  ICKL International Conference; 

         It is my pleasure to finally announce that the Colakli Center of Ankara University, Turkey has been selected as the venue for the 2004 ICKL International Conference on Korean Linguistics. 
Originally I had contacted personnel of Sophia University, Bulgaria, for the venue of the 2004 ICKL, according to the poll conducted in the summer of 2002. But the professor who was to host the event, was about to be appointed to a higher level post at the university and thus informed us that he could not assist us. And so, at the end of July, 2003 we had to find another place for the 2004 ICKL. According to the poll in 2002, an alternative candidate was Turkey. However, because a recent conference organized by the Korean Society of Bilingualism had been previously held in Ankara, I felt it would be better if it were held in a different city. 
While contacting Professor Gökmen of Ankara University, we were informed that Ankara University is managing the congress hotel located at the Mediterranean coast of Colakli near Antalya and the university offered to provide us with accommodation at a reasonable price. Thus, Colakli Education, Health and Recreation Center of Ankara University (In Turkish: Ankara Universitesi, Colakli Saglik, Kultur ve Spor Merkezi, Colakli Beldesi, MANAVGAT, ANTALYA) was chosen as our new venue. For the exact location, the hotel is located at Side-Colakli, a village 50km away from Antalya airport. 
       This area is a well-known resort place in Europe. The period we will be staying in the area (July 12th ~ 16th, 2004) will be great for swimming in the sea, but it will be somewhat humid and the average temperatures will reach above 30 Co and may cause discomfort for some members. 
        We have to use the conference hotel for a total of 5 days due to Ankara University's management policy. 3 days will be for the conference, and the remaining 2 days will be for short trips and/or the workshop for the Korean Language Educators in Europe, which has been in the planning process. We expect there to be some changes to this planning. 
        Making summer flight reservations to Antalya is quite difficult, so it is advised that participants adhere to the application deadlines and make flight reservations as soon as the screening results come out by February 28, 2004. Travel plans for after the conference will be posted on the homepage of ICKL (www.ickl.or.kr) by February 28 so that participants may make all flight reservations by early March in the next year. 
        I look forward to your papers. Thank you very much. 


Sang-Oak Lee  
President, International Circle of Korean Linguistics 
Department of Korean, Seoul National University 
sangoak at snu.ac.kr, sangoak at dreamwiz.com 

[Please see attached 'Call for Papers'.]
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