[KS] International adoption and slavery

J.Scott Burgeson jsburgeson at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 4 05:26:57 EDT 2003

--- Tobias H?inette <tobias at orient.su.se> wrote:
> So what's wrong with comparing international
> adoption to slavery and
> trafficking? Besides the material benefits both the
> Africans, the
> Third world children and women undoubtly gain when
> arriving to the
> West - aren't the actual practices these three
> groups are subjected
> to the same: a trade in human beings, a form of
> cultural genocide and
> a forced migration? 

Yeah, they were "forced" to migrate... but not by
those "elite white parents"... They were "forced" to
"migrate" by a society that even today regards
adoption as largely taboo, and largely considers
raising non-blood children to be somehow illegimate
and inconceivable. And you can double that for
mixed-race kids...
   When you start your "research," be sure to ask a
wide range of blacks whose ancestors were slaves what
they think of your comparison. I'm sure you'll get
some interesting and very illuminating responses from
   --Scott Bug   

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