[KS] World Village in Korean Child-Talk

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Wed Oct 8 06:40:25 EDT 2003

Dear List,

Below is a link to a short article describing the new
language and net-orthography taking hold amongst the
young of Korea.

It gives graphic descriptions of the emerging orthogrphic
standard among the teens.  It also offers up delightful
examples of word-coining.

There is even an account of "standards" battle between
the older teachers and the youth, the youth telling
the teacher what's what.

My Korean teacher used to take great delight in retelling the little ditties
by Korean children.  He would chuckle at the beginning of the telling, 
during the telling, and for quite a while after the telling.

The following is a report on the child-language in Korea.  The reporter
is putting the article in the context of the Hangul Founding Day, to wit,
the children are making a mess of the language.  But, all in all, I could
not help detecting the same "guffaw" and "chuckle" and "delight" at the
cleverness and the charming ingenuity of the children.

Finally, the artcle ends with what amounts to the first published
commentary on the quality of full hangulization of the legal code.
-Still not happy.

"위험수위 넘은 한글파괴"
10/8/2003 Daily Economy


JooBai Lee

jblee6952 at hotmail.com 

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