[KS] pop music and gender

Keith Howard kh at soas.ac.uk
Wed Oct 22 05:15:17 EDT 2003

At the recent SEM meet in Miami, there were a number of papers on 
Korean pop music. Although none of these was specifically on gender 
issues, you might want to contact authors to find out if their 
interests extend in this direction. Since the conference was on 
ethnomusicology, it is likely that most are not on this Korean 
Studies list (I have omitted three additional scholars who do access 
this list: Byong Won Lee, Hilary Finchum-Sung, and Roald Maliangkay). 
The papers given at the conference will form the basis of a book, 
which hopefully will be submitted to the publisher next summer.

Okon Hwang <okonhwang at yahoo.com>
"Sang-Yeon Loise Sung" <ssysung at hotmail.com>
"Rowan Pease: <pease at btclick.com>
"R. Anderson Sutton" <rasutton at facstaff.wisc.edu>
"Eun-young Jung" <youngchan777 at yahoo.com>
Nathan Hesselink <ndhesse at ilstu.edu>
Donna Lee Kwon <donalink at uclink.berkeley.edu>

Keith Howard

>contact Tim Tangherlini at UCLA who, with Stephen Epstein, did a 
>very fun film on Korean Urban Punk /HipHop ... Music ... there were 
>a number of women involved in bands in Seoul.
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>I am looking for a scholar (or graduate student) who is doing research on
>Korean popular music and gender (in English or Korean).  Any leads will be
>greatly appreciated.
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