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Matthew Shapiro karimunjawa at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 22 12:20:26 EDT 2003


I have been searching for a couple of 30 min
documentaries to show at ASCK's "Korea Peace Day" at
USC. Most of what I've found has been, well, not the
most objective presentation of the situation. 

I am hoping that one of you could recommend
documentaries/news programs (in English) that would be
related in some way to the escalating tensions on the
Korean peninsula. Such footage need not be historical,
but can be focused on a particular incident or issue
surrounding North-South relations. 

The film(s) will provide a general context for the
panel which is to follow, but will not necessarily be
the main topic of discussion.

I should also note that, if anyone is in the LA area
and would like to attend the panel at USC, it is
(currently) sheduled to run from 3:00-4:30pm in the
Leavey Library Auditorium. The film(s) will be shown
in the preceding hour (2:00-3:00pm).

Pease contact me individually for more information.

Matthew Shapiro
PhD Candidate
Program in Political Economy and Public Policy
Department of Economics
University of Southern California

email: mattheas at usc.edu


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