[KS] New Book: _Creative Women of Korea: The Fifteenth through the Twentieth Centuries_

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Fri Oct 31 12:45:54 EST 2003

Dear colleagues,

I should like to let you know that the following book has been published:

_Creative Women of Korea: The Fifteenth through the Twentieth Centuries_ 
Edited by Young-Key Kim-Renaud

Cloth ISBN: 0-7656-1189-9
USD $64.95 Paper ISBN: 0-7656-1188-0
USD: $24.95 
264pp. Illustrations, photographs, glossary, index. 
Publication Date: September 2003   

Description: This book introduces important contributions in the humanities by 
a select group of traditional and modern Korean women, from the 15th through 
the 20th centuries. The literary and artistic works of these women are 
considered Korean classics, and the featured artists and writers range from a 
queen, to a courtesan, to a Buddhist nun, to unknown women of Korea.

Although women's works were generally meant only to circulate among women, 
these creative expressions have caught the attention of literary and artistic 
connoisseurs. By bringing them to light, the book seeks to demonstrate how 
Korean women have tried to give their lives meaning over the ages through 
their very diverse, yet common artistic responses to the details and drama of 
everyday life in Confucian Korea. The stories of these women and their work 
give us glimpses of their personal views on culture, aesthetics, history, 
society, politics, morality, and more.

Selected Contents:
List of Illustrations
1. Introduction, Young-Key Kim-Renaud 
2. The Naehun and the Politics of Gender in Fifteenth-Century Korea, John 
3. Sin Saimdang: The Foremost Woman Painter of the Choson Dynasty, Yi Song-mi 
4. Ho Nansorhon and Shakespeare's Sister, Kichung Kim 
5. Demythologizing Hwang Chini, Kevin O'Rourke 
6. Private Memory and Public History: The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyong and 
Testimonial Literature, JaHyun Kim Haboush 
7. Kyubang Kasa: Women's Writings from the Late Choson, Sonja Haussler 
8. A Celebration of Life: Patchwork and Embroidered Pojagi by Unknown Korean 
Women, Kumja Paik Kim 
9. Kim Iryop's Conflicting Worlds, Bonnie B. C. Oh 
10. Dialectics of Life: Hahn Moo-Sook and Her Literary World, Yung-Hee Kim 
The Editor and Contributors

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