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Fri Aug 6 22:21:18 EDT 2004

Thank you Mr. Kichung Kim for you interest. Thank you David Mason for you information of our site; www.jeungsando.org.  I forgot to mention in the original email that Jeungsando's scripture, Dojeon, is ready to be published in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese.  All the books will be presented at the Francfurt book fair on October 6th to 10th.  I took us 15 years and an organization of Jeungsando research institute where around 50 Phds from around the world were hired to translate the Korean Dojeon to various other languages.  The Korean Dojeon is a culmination of Korean philosophy and religion.  The Dojeon chronicles the teachings and lives of Kang Jeungsan who lived in Korea from 1871 to 1901.  It was the time of Donghak revolution in Korea, and Boxers revolution in China.  Both took place in response to understand the changing world or more appropriately the known world that was crumbling under their own feet.  The results were violent upheavals on one side but on the other side were the first true attempts at uniting all religioins of the East and the West.  Jeungsan Sahng-jeh-nim declared that he is the Shang-ti or Sahng-jeh in Korean, the Ruling Lord God of the humanity and the spirits.  And He was born on earth as a human because it was the most critical time in history, the East was about to be trampled under the feet of the West.  The world was on the path of its own demise, the Western force was about to destruct nature itself, humanity was walking down the path of its own death.  In the depth of despair, in its attempt to understand such a changing world, Koreans sought a new understanding of human nature, cosmology, the meaning of life itself.  Jeungsan Sahng-jeh-nim answered this call and presented a unitied understanding of who we are.  His teaching and His life is presented on the pages of Dojeon.  It took 20 years and over 2000 people doing field research and interviews for Korean Dojeon to come out.  You can still meet descendants of disciples of Jeungsan and talk with them.  The main witness of Jeungsan's work only passed away in 1992.  It took 15 more years for translation.  This will be the book that defines Korean culture, religion, philosophy and history for the world.  As I said before we are looking for East Asian or Korean studies academics for the reading of English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese Doejon before we present our book at the Francfurt book fair in Germany this October.  Thank you.

Jaenam Kim

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