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Dear Sirs, 


I would like to put "Call for papers" announcement for the 1st European
Conference on Korean Linguistics (ECKL) on the Korean Studies Web.

The announcement is sent with an attachment file.  Also the text is below.


Yours truly,

Sang Jik Rhee


<Call for papers> 


Title: 1st European Conference on Korean Linguistics 

Short Title: ECKL 

Date: February 3-5, 2005

Location: International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden University,
Leiden, The Netherlands

Contact e-mail: eckl at let.leidenuniv.nl <mailto:eckl at let.leidenuniv.nl> 

Linguistic sub-field: general linguistics

Deadline call for papers: 31 October, 2004


Invited speakers:


Syntax and semantics: Prof. S.J. Chang (Seoul National University)

Phonology: Prof. M. Kenstowicz (MIT))

Korean language teaching abroad: Prof. Y. Heo (Hankuk University of Foreign

Workshop on the Altaic Hypothesis: Prof. B.I. Sung (Seoul National


We are pleased to announce that the 1st European Conference on Korean
Linguistics (ECKL) will be held in Leiden, The Netherlands, from February
3-5, 2005.  Abstracts are invited for 20-minute talks (plus 10 minutes for
discussion) on any aspect of Korean   linguistics.  Besides the main
conference, there is a workshop on 'the Altaic Hypothesis: Korean in
relation to other Altaic languages'.  Abstracts for this workshop are also
invited (20-minute talks plus 10 minutes discussion).


Submissions are limited to one individual and one joint abstract per author.
All abstract should be in English, and submitted as e-mail attachments, in
PDF format.  The subject of the message should specify "Abstract", and the
body should include the following information: author's name(s),
affiliation, e-mail address, title of abstract, and area of linguistics
(syntax, phonology, morphology, phonetics, language-teaching, etc.)
Abstracts should be limited to one page (using 2.5 cm margins on all sides
and 11pt font size) with an optional additional page containing examples and


Submission deadline: October 31, 2004

Notification of acceptance: December 1, 2004


Note that a limited number of grants will be available to support the
participation of linguists whose abstract has been accepted, and who have no
or limited access to institutional or departmental funding sources in their
home country.  At the time of notification of acceptance, participants who
are in this situation will be invited to submit a request for support.


For more information, please visit

http://www.iias.nl <http://www.iias.nl/>  or send e-mail to
m.rozing at let.leidenuniv.nl <mailto:m.rozing at let.leidenuniv.nl> ,
eckl at let.leidenuniv.nl



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