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To avoid the hypercorrected Romanization of Korean personal names even 
in the present system, I would like to remind that one may keep the 
same family name as his father: Kim, Park, etc. The new system 
allows to use the old spelling of personal names, names of company and public 
institutions from the beginning.


'kimchi, taekwondo' and all place names were excluded originally. However, 
when the National Academy of the Korean Language (NAKL) published 
<Romanization Reference for Korean Place Names and Cultural Terms> as a 
monograph (417 pages) on July 20 in 2000, they added an exception to allow 
'kimchi, taekwondo' in addition to the normative form 'gimchi, taegwondo' and 
provided their condition that they may be used only in necessary cases of  
brand names or international relation. NAKL could not but publish this thick 
book of usage mainly because they excluded place names and cultural terms from 
'general acceptance'." (from 
Sang-Oak Lee
's article in 

Korea Journal
  in 2000)

Sang-Oak Lee,
 Prof. to the Dep't of 
Korean, Seoul Nat'l Univ.
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Not sure about the US, but despite initial statements of rejection by various people and organisations, there has been a quiet yet real shift towards the new system in South Korea. And not only in official press; some of my students now write their own names as Gim or Bak etc. 

Rupert Atkinson


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