[KS] re: Korea studies in Tokyo

Kenneth R. Robinson robinson at icu.ac.jp
Wed Feb 11 10:15:53 EST 2004

Dear Colleagues,

The February meeting of the Chosenshi Kenkyukai will be held Saturday, 
February 21, at the Hongo campus of Tokyo University.  This month's 
presentations, to be offered in Japanese, are as follows.

Research Presentation
Matsumoto Takenori
"The Structure of the Consciousness of Lower-level Rural Officials during 
the Japanese Colonial Period"

Book Review
Murakami Naoko.  "Gendai Chousen no rekishi - Sekai no naka no Chousen", by 
Buruusu Kamingusu (Akashi shoten, 2003).  [Note: This is the Japanese 
translation of Bruce Cumings' "Korea's Place in the Sun".]

Tokyo University's Hongo campus is near Hongo san-chome station.  The 
meeting will begin at 1:30 pm in Houbun Building No. 1, Room 112.  For 
further information, please contact Ken Robinson.

Ken Robinson

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