[KS] Korean studies in the UK

Dr. David Prendergast D.Prendergast at sheffield.ac.uk
Tue Feb 17 11:54:33 EST 2004

Dear list members,

I am writing on the behalf of the British Association of Korean Studies (BAKS)
to anyone who is interested in receiving (or making) regular announcements
about Korean studies conferences, workshops, seminars, publications, events,
etc. that happen in the UK. 

We are in the process of setting up an electronic distribution and archiving
list to provide a central means for individuals and institutions in the UK to
advertise their Korea related events (some of which may be of interest locally
but not to a large global list). 

It hoped that the BAKS list will provide an easily accessible and central forum
which encourages closer cooperation, discussion and interaction between the
diverse and geographically scattered students and researchers of the Korean
studies community in the UK. 

Membership of the electronic list is free and open to all scholars, students,
and researchers interested in the study of Korea. It is possible to join either
electronically via the list webpage at www.jiscmail.ac.uk/BAKS or through
sending a request to me at d.prendergast at sheffield.ac.uk

Apologies to anyone who may have already received notice of this list.

Best Wishes,

David Prendergast

Dr. D. Prendergast
Dept. of Sociological Studies
University of Sheffield
Elmfield, Northumberland Road
Sheffield, S10 2TU
Tel:0114 222 6480
Fax: 0114 276 8125
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